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The Leaders of Shangluo Municipal Committee, Shaanxi Visited and Guided Lead-zinc Deposit Project in Zhen’an County, Shaanxi

Date:2012-08-07 13:35:31

On August 3, Wei Zeng Jun as the Secretary of Shangluo Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Secretary-General of Shangluo Municipal Committee visited the construction site of Xitonggou Ore Dressing plant in and subject to SHAANXI HUAREN MINING CO., LTD., accompanied by Zhang Ying An as the Secretary of County Committee of the CPC, Qu Ze Tao as the County Magistrate, Feng Chao Yong as the Deputy County Magistrate for Industry and Zhu Wei as the Director General of Economic Trade Bureau. They fully affirmed the Zhen’an lead-zinc deposit project invested by QINGDAO HUAREN CENTURY GROUP, praised the progress of technical reformation for production enlarging project of the dressing plant and encouraged corporate employees to work positively, conduct the construction of mining area well and strive for early production.


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