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City north to open up new prospects of life

Date:2011-04-13 15:07:28

Invested by the company's European Code of Business Court project, located in Qingdao City, Dunhua North Road, No. 336, located in Qingdao, the prime central business district, bounded by the new industry Plaza, South Point, Wanda Plaza, east port hospital, West from Shandong Road, Carrefour is only a stone's throw. Life not only comfortable, it is convenient, not only a number of bus lines converge, and close to Qingdao's first subway entrance. Project in which the highest point of terrain for the business district, and the south side of building space to nearly 100 meters wide vision, abundant sunshine, more public recreation plaza located west of the project. According to the central business district overall planning, the project will be in the south of Dunhua Road, construction of an underground three-level underground commercial landscape Avenue, connected subway station, Wanda Plaza, Arnold Plaza and other commercial projects, the formation of new business and leisure Qingdao Center. As the central business district of the few purely residential, land use period of 70 years, will become a classic chase public projects.

EU Code of Business Court area 12369m2, construction area of ​​79160m2, three underground garage, two-floor podium hold three 30-story tower. Architectural design, as its name - the EU Code: stone hanging skirt part, together with the desktop using Xiamen Stone cutting and hand-carved craft, fine stone building with tall magnificent and elegant European style, located in the south Flying on the podium six giant statue of a lion, will take you into the mythical Roman times; tower part of the adoption of new architectural coatings, made as stone-like texture, the top of the north, there will be a giant carved with decoration. Network south of the entrance, north side of the residential entrance. Outdoor landscape is also a full continental flavor: stone paving, grass brick and white, European-style fountain, Roman corridor; podium roof is a casual platform exclusive residential users, lawn, garden, water features, wooden boardwalk everything. The following residential units to 90 m2 apartment decorated with 120 m2, 148m2 CUHK Unit. Interior luxury, five-star hotel-style lobby giving a noble home-like experience, the world's first imported brand of elevators to ensure your safety and comfort; the whole kitchen, the whole bathroom, the whole cabinet, you need to buy a simple home appliances Furniture can easily check.

Projects from the EU Code of Business Court was started in October 2010 has been up and down through the Wah Yan real estate the hard work of all my colleagues at January 20, 2011 completed the main structure and three basement waterproofing, 2011 March 28 days to complete construction of the main structure of the podium, April 1, 2011 to complete backfill, as of press time, the project has completed the main residential structure of the standard two-layer construction. According to the company and leadership development plan requirements, and strive to end of September 2011 the main structure needed to complete the goal, and strive to reach in June 2012 completion and acceptance of conditions.

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