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Full of Hope, Continual Forward ———— Study Visit on Lead-zinc deposit project in Zhen’an County, Shaanxi and Manganese Project in Guzhang, Hunan

Date:2012-06-18 11:50:49

From 29 May 2012 to 2 June 2012, Zhao Chuan Qing as the President of QINGDAO HUAREN MINING CO., LTD. led the principals of Group Financial Department as well as the Integrated Management Department of QINGDAO HUAREN MINING, visited the lead-zinc deposit project in Zhen’an County, Shaanxi and the manganese project in Guzhang, Hunan, inspected the operation and progress of two projects and provided relevant guidance and specification for the finance and administration of all mining companies to guarantee that all systems of the Group could be implemented and continued in every mining company.




Located in the beautiful ancient town Zhen’an County, Shaanxi, the lead-zinc deposit project covers the exploration area of 3.9451 km2 and the land area of 19,000 m2, with total investment of about RMB 70 million. Its business scope gets involved in the selection of lead & zinc mineral resources, production & sales of lead-zinc chemical products, development, investment and sales in energy and power projects. This project is highly valued by County Committee and Municipal Committee of which the leaders have arrived at the construction site for inspection and guidance for many times and provided great support for the project development. The technical reformation, production enlarging and design of the dressing plant relating to this project have been preliminarily completed so far. The construction of dressing plant is being smoothly and effectively implemented and the mine reformation is also in process. All staffs of corporate Processing Department, Mines Department, Production & Technology Department, Budget Department, Financial Department and Administrative Department will work together, make utmost efforts mutually for the rapid development of mines and strive for the production capacity of 1,000 t / day by the end of 2012.



The manganese project in Guzhang, Hunan is located in Guzhang County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan where manganese resources are abundant in reserve. There is one manganese mine with the mining right covering 2.0377km2, one 1,200t/d mineral processing plant and one 30,000t/a electrolytic manganese metal plant, with total investment of about RMB 350 million. At present, regarding 30,000 t/a electrolytic manganese metal plant under the construction and subject to HUAREN GUZHANG MINING CO., LTD., its ore raw materials are mainly from Guzhang Liuxin Minerals Co., Ltd. of which the holdings belong to HUAREN CENTURY GROUP and the reserve of manganese ore with the grade above 8%-10% is 10 million t. At present, the mine design has been preliminary finished and the extension of mining right is also continued as scheduled; in respect of the electrolytic manganese metal plant, a grand opening ceremony of the construction was held on 18 April 2012. Currently, the electrolytic manganese metal plant and shop drawings are intensely designed and the major works of electrolytic manganese metal plant would be completed by the end of 2012 in the plan upon persistent efforts.

The study visit to Shanxi and Hunan further reinforce the force and spirit of the Group and all mining companies. These companies, as the vital force of HUAREN CENTURY GROUP in mining and the pursuit of new interest growth point for development, will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “ushering happy life, returning the society with benevolence ” and create outstanding mining company in mineral resources field so as to realize the ideal of “based on the mining, opening the gate of wealth, serving our country with industries and returning the society with benevolence”; utilize new five-year plan of the Group to start new epoch of the Group mining development!

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