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Line of Chinese benevolence

Date:2011-06-17 15:15:03

Background Information: At present, the total number of ESRD patients about 100 million cases, a larger number. Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis and other blood purification therapy is to improve the end-stage kidney disease patients effective means of quality of life. Compared with hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis as "safe and effective", and is simple, easy to administer, relatively inexpensive advantage. Actively promote peritoneal dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, medical institutions to improve health service capacity, allowing more patients to benefit.
Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Chinese Medical Association and the Ministry of Health kidney credits Nephrology professional medical quality control center will organize peritoneal dialysis standardized training. To ensure the smooth implementation of the training, the Ministry of Health identified across the country such as Peking University Third Hospital, 31 Hospital, Ministry of Health as the first batch of training and demonstration center peritoneal dialysis, peritoneal dialysis is responsible for regional standardized training for medical staff to work full technology and leading role of radiation.

The success of peritoneal dialysis fluid Wah Yan listing
June 17, 2011, by the Ministry of Health, Hospital Management Institute, Wah Yan Pharmaceutical and Health Division of nephrology professional medical quality control center in Beijing, China People's Palace Hotel, organized a "National Health Demonstration and promotion of peritoneal dialysis fluid project cooperation signing ceremony of peritoneal dialysis fluid listed Wah Yan Pharmaceutical Association and the multi-center clinical study will start ", attended by the Minister of the Ministry of Health Chen Zhu, Medical Administrative Secretary Wang Yu, Ming-Liang Institute of Hospital Management Council, the Ministry of Health Health Emergency Office Liang years and some provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) health department (bureau) competent department (bureau) long, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Health Department (Bureau) and the Bureau of Medical Affairs responsible comrades, Beijing People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Renal Division Director, Nephrology Institute of PLA, Chinese Medical Association branch chairman of kidney disease, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Xiang-mei, the peritoneal dialysis training and demonstration centers and training the people responsible for peritoneal dialysis and responsible persons. This indicates that China's Ministry of Health started working with ESRD peritoneal dialysis.

In this meeting, the Minister of Health Chen Zhu Chen Hong beauty and Society of Nephrology, Academician of the forensic, I Liang, chairman of the company and the Ministry of Health Hospital Management Institute will Liang Ming signed a cooperation agreement to jointly carry out the "Ministry of Health peritoneal dialysis training, demonstration and promotion projects "for a period of five years, and held 31 training and demonstration center peritoneal dialysis and 28 training centers of the ceremony. Project will be the Ministry of Health under the leadership of Medical Administration, through the establishment of a national demonstration center peritoneal dialysis training, carry out the "standard operating procedure of peritoneal dialysis (SOP)" training, standard peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis fluid through the promotion of Wah Yan, reduce health care costs, to carry out peritoneal dialysis quality control, the protection of medical quality and medical safety, thereby enhancing the rate of patients with uremia treatment to meet the growing demand for treatment of uremic patients. Minister Chen said that this project works for the Angels.

first volume shipments of peritoneal dialysis fluid
July 22, Wah Yan Pharmaceutical peritoneal dialysis products, with the first volume shipments. General Manager Zhang Chunjiang, Vice President Ho billion, Xiao-Li Li, R & D, logistics, business unit is responsible for blood purification and related personnel who participated in the first volume shipments ceremony, marking the company became the first non-PVC flexible packaging produce peritoneal dialysis fluid the enterprise.

Next five years, Wah Yan Pharmaceutical and medical management of the Ministry of Health, Chinese Medical Association in cooperation Kidney Diseases, medical doctors will complete the peritoneal dialysis training, promotion of the work to establish dialysis centers of the Ministry of Health as a platform, and to promote the "peritoneal dialysis standard operating procedure" as an opportunity to continuously improve product quality improvement, to provide patients with high-quality safe products, promote the use of non-PVC Wah Yan Pharmaceutical peritoneal dialysis fluid, the Ministry of Health and we are determined to respond to the call, adhering to the & ldquo ; health to start from scratch, "the entrepreneurial spirit, high quality service for the benefit of patients with renal failure. With Chinese characteristics, quality products and contributing to society, the rapid development of China's medical industry to contribute.

the preparatory work prior to listing
1, 2005 Wah Yan Pharmaceutical Packaging is committed to non-PVC study peritoneal dialysis fluid, and a lot of preliminary research work.
2,2010 Aug. 1, to meet the company set up a blood purification division, completed the department's position, organizational structure set up, and developed a development plan. Work in close attention to industry trends, establish and improve the marketing system, collection, collation, analysis of competitive brand products, the development of renal products overall brand strategy, marketing strategy and product planning strategy.
3,2010 October 5, the company invited the Chinese Society of Nephrology, vice chairman Zhang YK, lining epithelial, attended the Second Xiangya Hospital, Dr. Ling Guanghui, chairman Liangfu You, company executives and related personnel participated in the dialysis dialysate product seminars. Experts for the future development of the company peritoneal dialysis solution gave four guiding recommendations for peritoneal dialysis fluid in the development and market development has helped. The meeting strengthened the Chinese Society of Nephrology with the cooperative relationship, but also for the development of science provides a good platform.
4,2010 in the Convention on December 6, Republic of China Ministry of Information issued Notice No. 112 of infusion products, PVC soft bags for infusion will be eliminated. This means that I have produced non-PVC peritoneal dialysis fluid to fill the gaps, for my company's successful listing of peritoneal dialysis fluid provides a good opportunity.
5,2011 was received January 28, the State Food and Drug Drug Drug Administration declared on our peritoneal dialysis fluid 10 specifications of registered documents of approval.
6,2011 April 20, Beijing People's Liberation Army General Hospital, director of the kidney, Nephrology Institute of PLA, Chinese Medical Association branch chairman of kidney disease, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Hong Chen and his party to the company tours the United States; 5 3 May, vice president of the Nanjing Military Region General Hospital, the Chinese Society of waiting kidney director member of China Engineering Academy LIU Zhi-line to the company for inspection. Visited the company's 179 project, two workshops and three peritoneal dialysis product line workshop to learn about the production operation and the next five years, the company's new product research and peritoneal dialysis products and marketing services, on the work of the Wah Yan Pharmaceutical sure. Two academicians of the inspection, further deepening the well-known companies and research institutes for technical cooperation efforts for the promotion, and academic foundation.
7,2011 June 1, the first years of peritoneal dialysis fluid pre-production work.

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