Linyi HuaRenYing valley real estate Co., LTD Is HuaRen century group in 2006 established inject $10 million of a golf culture industry integrated company. After three years of development, has been initially formed golf far move, golf training, teaching, golf tournament, real estate development, and other comprehensive development pattern.

  HuaRen university international golf driving range, linyi city, shandong province, is located in linyi university (chips) within the new campus, south by double ling road, near the new bus station, road traffic is very convenient. Practice field the elegant environment, elaborate design and planning and all kinds of advanced and complete supporting facilities, to the person finds everything new feeling. The long history of the western nobility golf culture and unique business travel and leisure life style, the university campus-the culture, got here the perfect fusion, make here of southern shandong area most high-end government affairs as business travel leisure platform.

  Golf driving range in project construction began in 2007, September 2008 completed and put into operation. The driving range covers an area of more than 140 acres, the total length of 300 meters. The driving range facilities complete, two layer golf training center building area of 3380 square meters, with 66 if a light exercise, including 10 at-bats VIP rooms, equipped with 10 trophy level true grass practice a, more than 500 square meters high quality putting green, more than 200 square meters of split stem bunker, will let you feel all the charm of golf. Training center is sector overall, southern and northern dynasties to design, reasonable avoid direct sunlight. The lawn of the plane is natural ups and downs movements, the player can clearly see the ball placement. Training center golf supplies stores, change clothes shower room, Chinese and western restaurants, cafes, more leisure ?

  Golf driving range is linyi university golf culture industry of the important component unit, HuaRen century group and linyi university manages enterprises, the formation of the golf culture industry institute, mainly with golf operation and management, site management, property management, etc. The famous university with foreign cooperation way, cultivate the links golf industry chain management, organization, development, marketing and service of the compound, college senior management personnel.

  HuaRen century group more than yuan four hundred million planning to invest in the construction of the driving range, building, teaching building, 18 holes international standard golf course, 'four-star international exchange center and other auxiliary facilities, will be comprehensive enhancement DVTC's strength, improve college education level. Among them, the 18-hole international standard golf course, by the international famous master design, covers an area of more than 1200 acres of open area, ups and downs natural, can undertake all kinds of high level international event, to let the all-round experience the charm of golf. Also equipped with complete function of European luxury golf club, the western rural amorous feelings sell shops, golf supplies stores, the dressing rooms, showers, China and South Korea, a western restaurant dining luxurious rooms, landscape leisure it, and so on, is the government, business elite ?