Linyi university HuaRen golf academy project including linyi university HuaRen golf academy (raise) (including linyi university golf team), linyi university HuaRen international golf club, linyi university HuaRen international golf driving range.

  A, linyi university HuaRen golf academy (raise)
  1, linyi university HuaRen golf academy (raise) is by linyi university and Qingdao HuaRen century joint investment group holds jointly organized between ordinary higher undergraduate colleges and universities, colleges undertaken the propaganda golf culture knowledge, promote linyi university cultural industry development, golf support linyi university discipline construction, improve the university of linyi education teaching sports level and golf the comprehensive quality of college students, promote linyi university golf thorough development, promote the university of linyi over the country and linyi city, and international social status and the burden of external image.
As golf academy of the preparatory work smoothly, both school and enterprise in April of this year set up the linyi university HuaRen golf team primary team. Players from linyi mainly by the departments in the university college students in grade 1 strictly layer upon layer after screening composition, a total of 102 people.

  2, teachers
Dean: HuangMinLong current Taiwan golf exchange association chairman,
Professor: WuYaChu of Shanghai fudan university, dean of the college of golf
        WeiZhongFa present liaoning vocational college, dean of the college of golf 
         Associate professor: YanHuaiGang current nanjing sports institute of golf
  Visiting professor: GuoHengZhi  Taiwan's international design firm called, chief designer
  Visiting professor: LiuQingQuan  Taiwan soochow university sports room, senior associate professor track and field coach
  Instructor/coach: WangFeng   Nanjing sports college golf is a graduate student
        National coaches
  Instructor/assistant coach:    Hu Xin royal
Nanjing sports college golf is outstanding graduates
    National junior coaches
      Jiangsu province golf association tournament referee
  Professional coach: ChenKaiTi   So far in 1992: Taiwan golf association coach
  So far in 2002: Australia HILL golf academy international class B coach
  Professional coach: YangMingYe   In 2008 the China golf association coach admitted career so far
   In 2009 the China golf association has admitted the referee
  Teachers' team: linyi university institute of physical fitness coach, nutritionists and psychology teacher
  Another: the HuaRen century each year group will invest 2 million yuan to invite foreign professional coach and domestic golf professionals to professor-and golf professional knowledge

3, hardware facilities
Golf training base: has been put into use
Golf: preliminary already built and is being YuCao period
Main body building: planning design, is expected to be finished by the end of 2012
Equipment instrument: Pod2000 swing analyzer
Explanar golf professional training system
push rod MASTER MU-3 swinging strength exercises fan
The golf training ground at present and the training facilities for college students and will be a team player open, and every year nearly ten thousand yuan investment, used to purchase ball to provide products and as a scholarship to reward in golf learning have outstanding achievements of students.

  Second, linyi university HuaRen international golf club
  Club include international standard 18 golf course and HuaRen hotel club.
By foreign famous designer stadium leading design, the total more than 1300 Chinese acres, the total area of nearly 700000 square meters, including square meters water area in 17; Located in linyi university is the central stadium, periphery have linyi university library, a museum, science, business, international exchange center, music college, academy of fine arts, students' apartment buildings and linyi university wetland park; Artificial stream through each fairway, four seasons; water, artificial lake water waves ripple, peripheral wered ornament; Fairway rational layout, with difficulty, let players run in the challenge of outstanding achievement, and let the players a rod per dozen can feel linyi university strong academic a wai. Expected in October this year 18 holes

  HuaRen hotel is located in the north of the linyi university business school, the west side of golf courses, for music college and west art college, the east river Beng considerable; Main building of Japan, by the design firm exclusive design, combined with exquisite and elegant Spanish style, strewn at random have to create the classical flavor; The hotel total building area of 11000 square meters, the five-star hotel standards will be in accordance with the design of the decoration, 1-2 layer club VIP room, emeritus lobby, golf club, store, houses, the start and the multi-function hall, Chinese and western restaurant business hall, hotel service stores and fitness center, etc.; 3 to 7 layer for the hotel luxurious guest rooms. HuaRen hotel club are expected this year after trial in December. At the appointed time, the club and the club will also foreign try business, main meet teaching

  Three, Linyi university HuaRen international golf driving range (training center)
  The project in construction began in 2007, September 2008 completed and put into operation. Training base covers an area of more than 140 acres, the total length of 300 meters, with five goals green; Training center building area of 3380 square meters, with nearly 80 light exercise if a: there are 10 at-bats VIP room, has 10 trophy level true grass practice a, more than 600 square meters high quality putting green, more than 200 square meters of split stem bunker; Training center is sector overall, for southern and northern dynasties to; The lawn is natural ups and downs trend, players can see clearly that the placement of the ball; Training center with a golf supplies stores, change clothes shower room, Chinese and western restaurants, cafes, multi-function hall, leisure function, can satisfy the sport, leisure, teaching and the needs of the business; The driving range with professional players and vocational teaching

  Adhering to the lead a happy life, love of the enterprise idea and return the society with students as the center school idea, Qingdao HuaRen world group and linyi university of linyi university jointly hold HuaRen golf academy will be open mode return society, revolutionary new chapter yimeng service.

  Believe in both school and enterprise leaders at all levels of lead and guidance, will HuaRen golf academy caused by playing a good image, exquisite technology and moral team, cultivate social and market need with international view of senior specialized talents, show golf movement in linyi education in our university.