Qingdao HuaRen real estate development Co., LTD (the original JinChengYe champions real estate development Co., LTD.) was established in 1992, is under the HuaRen century group. From the start was established, HuaRen real estate will always adhere to the high-quality goods as the core philosophy, has developed many high-grade office buildings, life community project, work hard to provide people with more comfortable living, office environment.  

  After years of operation, HuaRen real estate are already among the national famous real estate ranks. HuaRen real estate with classical guide to work, the rise of east Qingdao and development left absorbing. Looking into the new century, HuaRen real estate will be more grand blueprint, a new chapter of a continuation.

Europe allusion business estates project
In 2010, Europe allusion business estates project, started to be constructed, in 2012 is expected to work pretty can be realized. This will be for the further development of the real estate company HuaRen, for HuaRen real estate brand continue to add a gorgeous.
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Jindu new gardens project
In 2008, the company opened build elaborate housing project funding new gardens, the achievement of multilayer community European top-grade classics. Blend in mountain, the humanities ceremony, perfect peripheral, top-grade residential area of the perfect polymerization, beautiful round of beautiful huan of European appearance design, make gold capital new gardens and reveal the honour of bearing.
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HuaRen international building projects
Porsche center project

In 2002, the company invested and built in shandong province's first meet international 5 A standard intelligent office buildings and ndash; And ndash; HuaRen international building, was widely sure in the industry, creating a business times festival.guests platinum. Its unique appearance has become the CBD area landmark.
In 2007, the company china-largest car shows its irresistible attraction of porsche centre (HuaRen international building three phase) excellent project complete seal a top. The project to its complete business facilities, of the convenient traffic conditions, mature commercial atmosphere of the office, become numerous merchants and famous enterprise the focus of attention.
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Jindu xincun project
In 1997, the company designed and developed fushan bay east senior community of life and ndash; And ndash; Gold capital xincun, to the sea, the green, sunshine for constructing the background, carry out in nature, human nature, innovation design masterstroke, giving things cultural expression. The waves of the flood land, of green, sculpture in herds, reveals the life and the natural harmonious coexistence and dream, and created the new model of city life.
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Jindu garden project
In 1992, the Qingdao municipal government response east moving called for, the company to the extraordinary courage and energy, and investment in the development of the eastern block 1 senior office buildings and ndash; And ndash; Garden hotel, become the big development of the classic opening work, Qingdao is dubbed & ldquo; The eastern first floor & rdquo; Fame. At the end of 1994, jindu garden officially delivered for use, while rate is as high as 90% above. As a start, the fastest completion, sales of the best project, jindu garden created the Qingdao people are proud of and ldquo; The eastern speed & rdquo; , and it established the prototype of the future Qingdao CBD.
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