Qingdao HuaRen information dissemination limited company In January 2004, registered was established in Qingdao, shandong province, is the enterprise users and mobile to mobile phone users to provide a comprehensive range of Wireless value-added services (Wireless Value Added Service) as main business of high and new technology enterprise, with a strong brand advantages and resources. Company business scope widely, now has a mobile, unicom and small quick three value-added business right, is the earliest in shandong province to operate small quick message value-added business information one of companies.

The company committed to the rapid development of the mobile communications business market value, and constantly develops the mobile communication new technology and the prospective of user demand, developed based on SMS, WAP, KJAVA, BREW and so on the different technology platform of competitive and market potential of mobile value-added services product and application, perfectly will science and technology and entertainment union, realize the digital entertainment, mobile broadband, and the target.

The company to provide users with the most perfect Wireless application experience for the purpose, provide customers with mobile Marketing solutions (Wireless Marketing) and services for China mobile, China unicom and China telecom phone users with games, lifestyle, entertainment, online chat, video message, mobile e-commerce, ebook, periodical service etc. Anybody at Any time and place in Any equipment may be acquired Any required Information (Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device, Any Information) will no longer be a dream.

Open and human enterprise culture and the standard the management formation a high efficiency team, so as to ensure the perfect service to users. The company has comprehensive management idea and highly innovative consciousness technical team and the collected a batch of in computer, network, communication and other aspects of experienced technical staff and senior management, so as to set up a with a vision and energetic efficient operation team solidarity, deep keen insight into the ability and the technology market research and development makes the company senior quickly emerge as the China's leading wireless Internet application technology service provider.

WAP phone for
And Qingdao peninsula city newspaper launched the peninsula metropolis daily WAP version
The content includes introduction, domestic and international news of the peninsula, social news, sports news, entertainment news
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Road leads
For the driver and owners to provide transportation vehicle inspection, illegal, driving license related services, such as road information four content free release
Query, with convenient and beneficial to human as the starting point, fully embodies the traffic police Qingdao for the purpose of serving the people
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