Qingdao JinHong measurement and control technology development Co., LTD Founded in, registered in laoshan high-tech industrial park, is Qingdao high-tech enterprise and software enterprises.

  Company with wireless technology application, network technology application for research and development that key, in the mobile industry applications and content networking phone application development and continuous market promotion. The company is the first domestic research and development and application of the enterprise RFID mobile phone in one of mobile police system and physical networking application is in the domestic leading mobile phone, possessing many invention patent and the software copyright.

  The company through technology, project operation, product operation operating several stages of development, at present into the rapid development of products operation stage, and gradually transition to the real operation mode, for achievement a long enterprise and try hard.

Development strategy: to wireless mobile industry applications this point into the wireless fields of big industrial chain, to upstream and downstream wireless phone design application and operation development, rapidly forming industry scale.

Development strategy: to the core technology drive products, market, in order to meet the specific users for business development direction, adhere to the core competitiveness of the technical research and development, adhere to the market scale of development, adhere to the brand strategy, insists on management team professional direction.

Development principle: to technological development and marketing strategy to pay equal attention to, resolute don't do low value-added production.

The company has always been to & ldquo; Wireless application, application infinite & rdquo; As the business goal, to achieve & ldquo; Become wireless applications and content networking application platoon guide  

JinHong content networking mobile phone and content networking applications
Content networking (originally called sensor network), its definition is: through the radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanner, sensing equipment information, agreed by agreement, any goods and Internet connection, the exchange of information and communication, in order to realize intelligent identification, location, tracking and monitoring and management of a network concept. 【Check the detailed content】

Mobile police system
The system software adopted the most advanced computer technology, information management technology, mobile network technology, database technology, high speed wireless communication technology, network security encryption technology and intelligent terminal applications key technology.
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