Qingdao HuaRen venture investment Co., LTD The registered capital of RMB 100 million yuan, in October 2010 has put into operation, is by the HuaRen century group Co., LTD. And HuaRen investment management Co., LTD. Jointly invested and set up a professional venture capital firm.

The company controlling shareholders--HuaRen century group was established in 1987, is evaluated many times the national ﹑ and AAA grade credit enterprise, top 500 enterprises of shandong province. It has become a real estate industry to support the health industry for, as the main line, the science and technology information industry for the breach the large modern enterprise group.

The company has successfully operation HuaRen century group holding enterprise HuaRen pharmaceutical (stock code: 300110) IPO project, for enterprise listed standard requirements, procedure, the key of practical experience, and at the same time for the large-scale enterprise management has a deep understanding, have good industrial management and capital operation basis.

With the success of the HuaRen pharmaceutical market, HuaRen venture become HuaRen century group, a major business sectors, and relying on the powerful group HuaRen century financial strength, all with their own funds for investment, it is fundamentally guarantee company and be investment enterprise risk sharing determination, and will try to be investment enterprise to provide professional value-added services, promote the company listed, realize a win-win situation.

The board of directors of the company adopted under the leadership of the general manager responsibility system, the main management personnel from HuaRen century group investment management department and other listed enterprise investment research department, with investment, legal, financial realm of the professional background and securities regulatory commission, exchange of regulatory extensive contacts, and with the PE institutions, brokers, law firms, accounting firm keep the extensive cooperation.

In the high-quality goods of skating under the principle of the investment, the company adhere to the market as the guide, innovation as a driving force, the brand management as the core, strive to the company will be built to a advanced management, leading service, has a strong competitive power, influence, the sustainable development of the force of venture investment enterprises.