Shanxi Huaren Mining Industry Co.,Ltd Was founded in November 2011, the registered capital of seventy million yuan, the company is involved in the business of lead and zinc mineral resources such as selecting; Lead and zinc chemical products production, marketing; Energy, electric power project development, investment and sales and other fields, is a more comprehensive field, the mining company.

Shaanxi HuaRen mining Co., LTD as a HuaRen century group involved in mining, seek to develop new interests growth point important strength, from planning to set up all of the listed company of strictly according to the standard operation, for group listed mining assets have laid a good foundation. In future development, the company will continue the group "lead a happy life, love return society" enterprise idea, make mineral resources field excellent mining company, in order to realize "reload mining, open wealth, industrial patriotic, benevolence quote social" ideal; With group the new five-year plan of the east wind, and open a new era of development of mining industry group.