Qingdao Huaren Mining Industry Co.,Ltd Established in November 9, 2011, the registered capital is 100 million yuan RMB, the company with investment and operation energy and mineral resources as main business, the collection agent, mining, dressing and smelting, research, trade into an organic whole, the reasonable exploitation and utilization of mineral resources. At present already subsidiary of the (mine) has four, hunan province in western hunan ancient zhangs county attention mineral Co., LTD dragon home village manganese ore, HuaRen ancient zhangs mining Co., LTD electrolytic manganese factory, shaanxi HuaRen mining Co., LTD ZhenAnXian tin copper deposits in the ditch, up investment Co., LTD HuaRen wulanchabu city thermal power plant; Qingdao HuaRen mining Co., LTD as a famous Chinese private enterprise HuaRen century group march mineral resources investing platform, according to the international benchmarking mining company and the mode of operation of the management experience, implement standardized tube